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The Cost of Animal Care

We operate 100% on charitable donations. Without the support from donors and caring individuals, we would not be able to operate. For every animal brought to the Farm & Wildlife Center, on average, the costs associated with care and recovery can be anywhere from $40 to $150 or more. Please consider a tax-deductible gift when you bring in an animal for care. You are doing a great thing by taking the effort to bring the animal to professionals, but the burden of care for thousands of animals falls on us for every animal the public brings us. Please help us to care for the animal you helped save by contributing to its full-recovery.


Ways to Support Lowell Farm & Wildlife Center

Make a Tax-Deductable Gift Today

Your contribution will be providing us the means to continue operating and will directly go to the care and support of animals. Please donate any amount now to the DONATE form to the right >>>

Tangible Donations (our wish list)

Check out our AMAZON WISH LIST and send us products easily right to our doorstep! Or, if you are near us, these are products that we always are in need of that make great alternatives to cash donations:

Paper Goods
-Paper towels
-Cotton make-up remover pads

Cleaning Supplies
-Simple Green™
-Dawn™ dish detergent
-Liquid laundry soap

General Supplies
-Heat lamps and bulbs
-Ceramic heaters

Medical / Baby Supplies
-Esbilac formula
-KMR mammal formula
-Baby Blankets / Sheets

-Romaine or leaf lettuce
-Fresh cob corn

Other Food
-Cracked and whole corn
-Cob corn (dried)
-Duck pellets & -Poultry feed
-Rabbit pellets
-Non-sweet goat pellets
-Wild birdseed & sunflower seed
-Parrot feed
-Nuts (in-shell and out-of-shell)
-Unsalted peanuts (in- and out-of-shell)

wish list